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Joining the Circus

Joining the Circus 6/21/2012 What will happen over the next ten years? Well, I look forward to less dynamic change in my life. Three careers in a decade is a bit much, don’t [...]

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How Do You Measure a Life?

How Do You Measure a Life? 10/17/2013 How do you measure a life? There’s achievements, family, friends, material wealth. Maybe you can count the impact you’ve made in all those areas. Since I was 15 [...]

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‘Running’ Away from Recognition

'Running' Away from Recognition 1/24/2010 I came across PlumSmart the other day. My career as a marketing and advertising consultant (www.cameronknowles.com) gives me a different take on how products get their word out. Boil [...]

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My First Act of Unfriending

My First Act of Unfriending 1/28/2010 I’m 44 years old and I’ve un-friended someone for the first time. And I’ve stopped wringing my hands about it. My first experience with Facebook was in 2003 [...]

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Toying with Toyota’s Troubles

Toying with Toyota's Troubles 2/7/2010 As a native of Detroit, the Motor City, I have watched media coverage of Toyota’s troubles with an air of schadenfreude. I don’t usually take pleasure in other people’s [...]

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